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Vicaya offers an advanced search framework capable of running from a CDROM with no installation on all platforms.

Installed on the harddrive, Vicaya can index and search many document types (from HTML and Word Docs to PDF and MP3s). Soon, the installed version will be capable of auto-updating both the software and the searchable content.

Vicaya is written in Java and based on Apache Lucene, Nutch, and Tomcat 5.5. Vicaya is only the glue between the best open source technologies. Unlike previous versions, Vicaya no longer runs as an applet. It starts a lightweight web server allowing the user to choose his or her favorite web browser.


The latest binaries can be found at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=113008&package_id=122321. As of 19 May 2006:


User Guide

Documentation for the end user including how to run Vicaya, installation instructions, and more advanced options.

Content Creator Guide

Documentation for a content creator including standard content file structure, running the server with your content, creating an index, testing, CDROM distribution, and maintaining updates. It is assumed that a creator is familiar with the User Guide and is generally familiar with Vicaya from the user perspective.

Developer Guide

Documentation for a software developer including standard development environment, checking out source code, dependencies, and architecture description. It is assumed that a developer is familiar with both the User Guide and the Content Creator Guide and is generally familiar with Vicaya from these perspectives.



The Vicaya project began as a response to a request at AccessToInsight.org for a search engine that could run from a CD-ROM. The goal is to be able to duplicate the website in a CD-ROM including a search engine. However, the Vicaya project is designed to support any offline website. In fact, it might be possible to support any read-only J2EE web application in addition to search (I'd love to learn about it and would be happy to offer suggestions).

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